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Terms, Procedures and Documents


 General Conditions of Finance Lease

  • Currency in  EUR and LEK.
  • Financing up to 90% of the asset price.
  • No maximum limit of the financed amount.
  • Tenor from 6 moths  up to 7 years.
  • Interest rate offered in EUR currency is EURIBOR 12M + spread, minimum rate varies for different busness segments from 4% to 8.5%.
  • Monthly equal payment of lease installment that includes monthly principal + monthly interest.
  • Collateral is the lease asset that is bought with full Casco or insurance for machine and equipments
  • Administration fee up to 1.5% of financed amount.


Leasing procedures are fast and simple and no collateral is requested.
Find below the leasing procedure steps:

  • You choose the asset to be financed at the manufacturer or dealer.
  • Prepare the application for lease finance and necessary documents for approval process.
  • After approval of finance lease and contract sign, you have to pay tha down-payment, management fee and other expenses related to this contract.
  • At the moment of acceptance of asset, the acceptance protocol will be signed.  


 List of documentations for all applicants:

  • Official Offer from dealer/manufacturer
  • Application for finance lease filled and signed from the applicant.
  • Identification documents (passport, ID Card)
  • Driving License (for individuals)
  • Family Certificate

 List of documentations for Individuals:

  • Salary confirmation from employer followed by bank statement for at least 6-months in case the salary is deposit in other banks (not in RBAL)
  • The same documentations for co-lessee.

 List of documentations for SME and Corporates

  • Statement from NCR (National Company Register) or Initial Court decision (if any)
  • Foundation act and statute
  • NIPT & Business License (Other business related licenses)
  • ID (passport or ID Card) for legal owner
  • Fiscal Audited balance sheet for the last year, monthly tax declaration (FDP)
  • For physical persons: the documents of self-declaration form submited in LRG. 



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